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Remember to buy domain and hosting before buying

Before buying a domain and hosting you must keep in mind
Website needs to be created for business or personal needs. And to create a website you have to buy the domain and the hosting. There are thousands of domain and hosting provider companies in all countries of the world including Bangladesh, who provide you with domain and hosting service for monthly or yearly payment. Not everyone provides equally good service in this provider. Some hosting is good, customer service is bad. Again, hosting some customer service is bad. Again, both hosting and customer service are bad. So before buying a domain and hosting from someone, you need to keep some things in mind.

Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a domain:

1) Before you decide what kind of website you want to do, plan it well and think carefully about what domain name to take.

2) .com domain is generally good for business or personal websites. However, if you have a networking business, you can take .NET. Again, if your organization is non-profitable, you can pick up the .org.

3) Try to make the domain as short  as possible. This will allow your visitors to keep the address of your website very easily. Nice website name is a proper  resource.

4) The domain name should be unique, so as not to mess with any other big brand.

Where to register a domain:
1) It is better to get a domain from a Bangladeshi provider, because there are many companies in Bangladesh now that you will get better service than foreign companies. Moreover, to get a domain from a foreign company, you have to pay in dollars. Where you can make payment with money from Bangladeshi provider.

2) There is no difference between Bangladeshi and foreign companies in the domain. The foreign company will register you from wherever the domain registration is registered, the foreign company will register from there.

3) If you take a domain to a Bangladeshi provider, he has to ask one thing first, will he give you the full control panel of the domain? If you do not provide a full control panel, you will not buy the domain from it.

4) Domain Hosting Related with. So the hosting company will take over from the domain, the domain is better. You will find the domain and the hosting service at the same time.

5) If you want to buy a domain on the alluring offer, first get clear ideas about the offer.

6) Usually a domain is priced at Tk. If anyone offers a domain below this price, first ask if it has any conditions.

Things to consider before buying a hosting:
After purchasing the domain you must purchase the hosting. Without hosting you can't just live a website with a domain. Domain services are provided by almost all companies. But almost every company hosting is of different types and different quality. So before buying a hosting you must consider the following.

1) Budget: Before making a website, everyone has to budget for domain hosting. At this time you will have a good budget for hosting. What kind of site do you do. Hosting budget should be fixed on the number of daily visitors to the site. After setting a budget, you will be able to get good quality hosting from a company that provides you with a budget.

2) Hosting space: Purchase a hosting package or plan according to the amount of space required for your website.

3) Bandwidth: The amount of data or files you have on your website and the amount of visitors coming will cost bandwidth. The bandwidth cost will be as per per visitor and per page view. It is thought that 4GB of bandwidth will be able to get 5 visitors to your site. Then the visitor should take the bandwidth of the site. You can get up to 5-8 GB of bandwidth on your site. You can also get Unlimited if needed.

4) Hosting uptime: Uptime is a very important issue when it comes to hosting. Hosting uptime will allow your site to be live. You will select Hosting with 1.5% and 5% uptime. Many companies will tell you about 1.5% uptime. But you don't really get it. So before buying a hosting you should check the hosting uptime. For this you can see the company's usage policy page. NaNHost is the best domain & hosting Company.

5) Money back guarantee: Money back guarantee is an important issue in hosting. Many companies offer money back guarantee for 7 days. Check it out. Generally, money back guarantee companies provide good service.

6) Hosting Company Status: Before buying the hosting, try to know the status of their organization. Talk to them about customer care. It is good to get the feedback of the Coro using their service. Know their server location. Take everything into account and order the final.

7) Support: Support is an important issue for hosting. NaNHost domain & hosting service company . If you are experiencing any problems with your hosting, you need to get their support. If you take a few days to get support you will lose millions of visitors to your site. And if you are a reseller, it is not. Your client will ask you problems but you will not be able to answer.

8) Types of Hosting: Order according to the type of hosting you need. Before you know what you need between Windows and Linux hosting.

9) Features: Before hosting, know about the features provided. With your needs

10) Limitations: If you take a small package, all the limitation will be mentioned in your package. However, you need to know the limitation when taking the Unlimited Package. It means that everything in the world has a limit. Unlimited will be the limit for which you will not be able to cross.

11) Server Load: Before taking the shade hosting you should know about server configuration and server load. When the server is overloaded, it will take a while for your site to load.

You should not be fooled by buying the domain and hosting considering the above mentioned issues. Hopefully you will get good quality hosting and domain service. NaNHost  is the best domain & hosting Company .

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Remember to buy domain and hosting before buying

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